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To All Writers of Everything Ever »


I need to rant about this:


Also known as the best writing program ever! It’s a full-screen writing program!

So you open it up, and it looks like this:


You’re thinking, “Ok, so what? It’s a screen with a picture. Whoopdie do.” But it get’s better! It’s…

Tarantino is Genius. 


Today in women’s studies we analyzed Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’


Got inspired by that post that said ‘draw your fav snk char in your clothes’. Have a Levi in a nerd MGS shirt and sweatpants. He was probably playing pokemon before he had to pose. »


Levi and Eren have a little game they play every Saturday.

It’s really simple, it started way into their years in high school.

One of them makes tons of love notes (written on color specified post-it-notes: Green for Eren, Blue for Levi) and scatters them all around their house…

Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.


I feel infinite amounts of sorrow for Eren…


I needed a gloomy Levi in the shower and I made a gloomy Levi in the shower don’t judge me ok? :D


hetalia bumper stickers.


[Mun: I can just imagine them being at games like “KICK THEIR ASSES. CUT THEM DOWN”. *MANLY SCREAMING*]


I’m feeling the love~
photo by: Tohkoe


dick bigger than a wall I ain’t talking bout Sina’s


Ereri au where y’all shut the fuck up about the age difference.

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